Europe, Slovakia

Weekend in Bratislava

Has it ever happened to you that you went to a city with low expectations and eventually you were pleasantly surprised how great that place is? I had exactly that with Bratislava, where we went last weekend of June. I was in Bratislava a couple of years ago and the experience was pretty good, it… Read More Weekend in Bratislava

Europe, Italy

Summer plans: Sicily

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello! This time of the year, when everyone asks you about summer plans, inspired me to write today’s post. After pretty expensive holidays in New York, I was kind of expecting that I will spend this summer by some overcrowded pool in Prague or by sweating on our balcony in… Read More Summer plans: Sicily

New York, USA

Where to eat in Brooklyn

Hello there! In today’s post, we will return to New York! Maybe there is someone who is planning to visit this cool city 🙂 Last time I shared with you tips where to escape the concrete jungle and today I will recommend you where to eat well in Brooklyn. You can find here trendy hipsta bars as well as spots where to… Read More Where to eat in Brooklyn